Usbe as a citizen service

Usbe Solar Charger, a service demanded by citizens

The Usbe Smart Charger was created to cover a current need for citizens being able to charge your mobile device in a public space.

We are all victims, somehow, the little battery life on our smartphones or tables, which also seems that every time is spent before… Aware of this need that we live also in person almost daily, we came to design a device that would respond to that need, that would carry our mobile phone outside the home, avoiding having to go with the charger in your pocket everywhere to not stay in solitary confinement.

Through the different models of USBE, solar chargers are designed for both public spaces such as parks, terraces, universities, plazas, beaches, walks, public transport stations, etc, to private spaces or interiors: hotels , universities, technology centers, businesses, bars, restaurants, congresses, fairgrounds, airports, supermarkets or superstores...

In short, the solar chargers USBE can be installed almost anywhere where customers, users and citizens to make use of a free service of mobile battery charging. We have spoken many times of the different places I have urged the USBE solar charger. The terrace of the farmhouse Caserío Oiangu restaurant, which we discussed in our last post, a park of Prague, a Carrefour supermarket in Madrid, a resort in Ibiza, a business park Madrid Río, 4 squares of the city of Valladolid... Check out our website and discover all our installations:

The solar charger is a service designed by and for citizens What do you expect to implement it in your city?

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