Usbe en el parque Madrid Río

New Solar Charger Smart Charger USBE in Madrid Río park

This weekend we have been news. The Spanish newspaper El confidencial and Adsl Zone , specializing in web technology, have echoed the installation of a solar charger Smart Charger USBE Madrid River in the park.

Last week we installed in this public space a solar charger through which citizens can charge your smartphone in a public space totally free.

The solar charger USBE Smart Charger is a solar-powered charger that features a photovoltaic panels that capture sunlight during the day accumulating it to offer a service charge up to 4 mobile devices connected via USB. USBE Smart Charger also has a table with seating for the wait as pleasant as possible. And, also it offers a line of integrated equipment for people with disabilities can also access this service.

This Spanish manufacturing device, aims to provide free charging service for citizens in addition to encouraging the use of renewable energies and involve municipalities in the Smart City concept.

With the installation of this USBE Smart Charger in Madrid Río park, are 5 municipalities that have chosen to offer their citizens served free charging for smartphones or tablet in a public space.

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