Minimum of 24h of charging time for up to four mobile and / or tablets. Easy installation, 100% autonomous.

100% Customizable

Add the logo of your brand or Company

Solar Panel

Anchored with support to the column

Rechargeable battery

Inside a vandalproof case


Circular ring that protect from bad weather


3 seats on the base of the column


Standard USB for electric charge, 5V

Usbe solar charger

Designed for all

Discover the solar charger for you

Nowadays we all have mobiles, and all of us have a big problem, the battery. How many times have you run out of batteries in the street? The solution to this problem is called Solar Charger. Usbe doesn’t need electricity, it can charge any mobile device and is 100% customizable so you will always find the Mobile Solar Charger that suits you, and if not, we will design it for you.

A solar charger for Smart Cities

Is my city a Smart City? No until it has an Usbe, that’s it, an urban solar charger for mobiles. Why? Because it meets all the requirements of a Smart City. Is 100% sustainable, because it only needs solar energy, is accessible because is prepared for people with functional disability, and it covers the needs of the citizens, in that serves to charge mobile devices and can have Wi-Fi. Do you want to turn your city into a Smart City that satisfies citizens? Put an Usbe urban solar charger. Discover which is the best for you.

For Hotel establishments

When a client comes to your establishment you seek to satisfy all his needs, that he be happy and want to return. And ¿Which is one of the primary necessities of your clients? To have battery in the mobile. Have you thought about how much your establishment would earn if your customers could charge their cell phone for free and sustainable?

Put a mobile solar charger in your establishment and start to earning clients. Also, using only solar energy and being accessible will improve your business public image. Discover the charge station that adapts best to your necessities and customize it to adapt to the style of the place.

For Events and Conventions

When we go to an event or convention, we like to take photos and share our experience on social networks. Something very beneficial for you, because is a free advertising that can be viralized and have a very big impact.

But, ¿what happens if we get without battery? That you will miss the opportunity of share your event or convention in a free and effective way and so, how to avoid this? Putting a solar charger for mobiles, a 100% sustainable and accessible which anyone can charger their mobiles devices and continue sharing photos, news and moments. In addition, Usbe has the possibility of adding Wi-Fi connection to improve the diffusion per 1000.

Usbe on TV

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Usbe in Volando Voy

Usbe Kenguru

Usbe Donostia in Telemadrid

Usbe in Telemadrid

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Latest installations

Latest Projects

usbe madrid rio

Usbe Donostia - San Sebastián

Usbe installed at Paseo de la Concha in San Sebastian

usbe lanzarote

Usbe Lanzarote

Usbe installed at the bus interchange of Arrecife, Lanzarote

usbe bilbao

Usbe Bilbao

Usbe installed in Bilbao

usbe valladolid

Usbe Valladolid

Usbe installed in Zorrilla square, Valladolid


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