usbe in Bilbao

Bilbo joins to the Usbe Family

The capital of Bizkaia has placed its first USB in the Miribilla neighborhood, next to the Fronton Bizkaia.

Bilbao has been the first of the Basque capitals to put on their streets USBE a solar charger. Thanks to this device, all those who wish to charge their smartphone or tablet will only have to close the park next to the Fronton Bizkaia and charge the battery by plugging the cable to USBE.

This USBE has been placed in a strategic location, since a park is always a meeting place, a place full of people with mobile devices, which often may need to recharge the battery either to take pictures, talk on the phone or simply place to take to charge while the little ones play.

In addition, the USBE solar charger is fully autonomous, no need to be connected to the mains, so it has no electricity consumption. Also, when running only with solar energy, it is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its design is intended for placement in public spaces such as streets, squares, parks or beaches, for example.

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