Usbe indoor model

Indoor Model USBE Smart Charger

Today we present one of our different models, the Indoor model. This is an indoor adapted charger, so that people can also charge the battery of mobile for free in a closed space.

This model was born form a real demand and, Carrefour, interested in our idea and proposed us to design a charger for one of its stores, so we can offer a service free of charge to customers in Madrid.

Like the rest of USBE Smart Chargers, this model has 4 USB ports, which support a table and seating devices to sit while charging the battery in the phone or tablet is completed.

The most significant difference is the upper umbrella because there is no need to protect the charging device from the weather, is replaced by a circular ring to announce where the loading point within the surface.

This is a service that Carrefour offers its customers and we are excited to be part of it.

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