4 cargadorse Usbe en Valladolid

4 USBE solar chargers in Valladolid

Valladolid has, since last June, four USBE Smart Charger devices, to provide citizens with an increasingly demanded service: Having the chance to recharge the battery of a cell phone for free.

These four solar chargers are distributed in different parts of the city (the squares of Zorrilla, Millennium West and Golden Fountain) an represent a step forward to support the Valladolid Smartcity agenda, turning Valladolid into a sustainable, healthy and innovative city in order to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Valladolid has launched many innovative proyects in order to become a Smart City, investing resources in technology and bringing new solutions and services, both environmentally friendly and with a highly innovative aspect.

Within this framework of innovation, both in technology and in the improvement of services to citizens, usbe had the possibility of installing 4 solar USBE Premium chargers and thus providing a device where you can recharge phones, smartphones and tablets in a public space for free.

The USBE Smart Charger is a 100% customizable device. We would like to thank Aguas de Valladolid for financing and installing these solar chargers in the city. The usbe has also beeen perceived as a great advertising medium.

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