Usbe Ordizia

Usbe Smart Charger in the historic country house/ park in Ordizia

Today we talk about our first installation, the Usbe solar charger on Oiangu country house/park in Ordizia, back in February last year. Nothing more and nothing less than the Goierri.

This project, which was born as a result of the collaboration between the city of Ordizia and the Basque Culinary Center, whose objectives include promoting regeneration of the park of Oiangu through organizing activities and meetings that revolve around gastronomy, local products and the area of Goierri.

Oiangu country house is a restaurant run by 5 graduates of the first promotion of the Basque Culinary Center, who have had the opportunity to be part of this initiative and get on with the business on their own, knowing and being part of all processes concerning the restaurant management.

It was the City of Ordizia who contacted us last year and who has allowed us to be part of this great project, the regeneration of the park of Oiangu. Through Usbe Solar Charger, installed in front of the country house Oiangu, customers and visitors to the area can recharge for free their phones.

We show you some pictures of the device, as you see, adapts to the needs of each space and offers an additional service to visitors to the area.

Usbe in Ordizia Usbe in Ordizia

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