6 modelos de Usbe

6 solar chargers USBE, a model for every need

The USBE smart charger is a solar charger for mobile devices easily integrated as part of the street furniture that provides a point of battery charging for smartphones or tablets in parks, camping, terraces, universities, sports centers and other public and private spaces.

USBE Smart Charger solar-powered charger, 100% clean and renewable. Through 4 USB port the user connects the mobile, using the energy stored in the device through the sunlight received by the photovoltaic panels and stored throughout the daylight hours, serving even at night.

The USBE Smart Charger has a height of 2.70 meters and a weather-resistant design. Actually there are 6 models in the market, each designed to meet a specific need. All devices are 100% customizable and offer great advertising medium for advertisers.

The first of the range is the Premium model, unlike other devices, it has a stainless steel structure and also allows the incorporation of additional mode, a small LED lighting for night hours.

Among the other models, with mild steel structure, we found the club model and the basic model. The difference between these solar chargers is that the former has a table and seating, while the second, without being simply provides the table where the mobile devices support or tablet while the battery is charging.

The Ibiza model is the most summery. This solar charger switches umbrella of transparent polycarbonate for natural heather umbrella designed for installations on the beaches and terraces.

USBE smart charger also has an integrative model, designed for people in wheelchairs can also access the burden of both the mobile as their own chairs.

And finally, there is the Indoor model for those who want to install a charger in enclosed spaces or indoors, like shopping centers or companies. This is the example of Carrefour, which has already installed a few months ago in Madrid USBE smart charger.

In this link you can see some of the already installed solar chargers USBE: http://usbecharger.com/gallery.php

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