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Advantages of Usbe solar Charger for the tourism and hotel business sector

The use of cheap and inexhaustible solar technologies is a benefit and added value to businesses in the tourism and hotel business sector. Furthermore, sustainable tourism is booming, because tourists are increasingly more aware and appreciate the commitment to care for the environment of enterprises.

On the other hand, when choosing a vacation spot, we seek convenience and comfort in the place covering all needs. Given that one of our essential is always mobile or tablet, it seems logical that the free WiFI has become one of the fixed services in all tourism and resorts, as well as many local hotelier.

Being aware of this, place a USBE solar charger can be a competitive advantage over the competition, in addition to the full satisfaction of customers. ¿But what are the advantages of a solar charger for tourism and hospitality companies?

  1. Energy Savings
  2. The Usbe is a solar charger for mobile devices. It is completely autonomous, therefore it does not need to be connected to the electrical network. This represents a significant energy savings for Enterprises. Also, more and more people who look favorably upon businesses that are committed to renewable energy.

  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. While it is true that customers are increasingly committed to the environment, the vast majority of them still committed to the places that suit their needs and meet. Undoubtedly, one of the main needs of today's mobile and therefore places with free WIFI are increasingly demanded. Related to this, one of the main problems users is the lack of battery. So, including a solar charger in our facility can help the customer is satisfied and their loyalty. In addition, you can make a competitive difference with the competition.

  5. Innovation and aesthetics
  6. Thanks to its design, it adapts to the aesthetics of anywhere becoming more furniture in the same architectural line of business and integrating perfectly into the environment. In addition, it can be placed almost anywhere.

  7. More time on terraces or hotel pool
  8. In the case of hotel rooms or resort, place an Usbe solar charger will make that customers will not have to return to their rooms to charge their mobile devices, so they will be more terraces time and other hotel facilities.

  9. Advertising support
  10. The USBE has a parasol which is also an advertising space, where companies can see an immediate return on investment by exposing your corporate image in an ecological, innovative and technological equipment.

  11. Wifi
  12. The USBE is also a perfect support to give wifi signal or extend the existing signal in any space.

  13. Added functionality
  14. The USBE Smart charger uses technologies to offer services of tourist routes, proximity marketing, environmental sensors...

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