Usbe instalation in Prague

New Usbe Smart Charger in Prague

¡The Usbe Smart Charger is international! The last installation of battery charging device for mobile phones has come to Prague.

The people of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe are in luck. From now on, they can charge teh battery of mobile for free in a public space through clean energy, 100% renewable.

The solar charger Usbe Smart Charger, is installed in the 10th district of Prague. More specifically, the Malesicky park, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city, which has many playgrounds, and various practice areas designated for the exercise or enjoyment of facilities for the elderly.

usbe en Praga

The architect in charge of the construction and design of the area, municipal staff proposed to install solar charger Usbe Smart Charger in this park, offering a service to citizens within the framework of Horizon 2020 program Innovation is part of the city Prague with 22 other European partners. This program seeks to integrate the use of cliean energy technologies in cities across buildings, mobility and ICT, supporting a significant reduction in energy demand while improving the quality of life of citizens.

In a city like Prague, where the weather is rather adverse, many think that this device can be damaged due to rain or wind. However, the solar charger Usbe Smart Charger the solar charger USBE Smart Charger is a durable device against all odds, is that each of its parts, is conceived and designed to deal with inclement weather.

From now on, the people of Prague 10 district, a park can enjoy the latest in what services and new technologies are concerned.

What do you expect to install a solar charger USBE in your city? ;)

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