Where to install a USBE solar charger

Where to install a USBE solar charger

If last week we emphasized in our blog about how our USBE solar charger is a service demanded by citizens, today we change the perspective to indicate those places where that are best fitted for a mobile or smartphone free charging service.

We find it very easy to give you ideas, since we believe that anyplace is a good place for installing one of the 6 Usbe models available at this point. Some of them designed for exterior use and other ones for indoor use.

Gardens, parks, squares and public spaces

Our solar chargers, specially designed for outdoor use to withstand inclement weather, are easily integrated as part of the street furniture, and thus can be installed anywhere. In this case, City councils and local institutions have the opportunity to offer their citizens a service that improves their quality of life and that helps develop the concept of Smart Cities in their communities.

Terrace, resorts, beaches, campsites

Private clubs, hotels, restaurants, resorts, campgrounds, are perfect for implementing this service, providing them a competitive value to their installations. In fact, our Ibiza model with its natural thatch umbrella was designed to specifically meet the request of a popular hotel and resort in the island, that wanted to install a solar charger to service its customers. This makes it perfect for all types of places where it´s sunny and where there is a large influx of people.


Bus and train stations, subway and even airports are another major installation point for our Usbe, since when travelling we often find ourselves that our battery has run out and communication is not possible. On many occasions we have seen people desperate to find a plug, charging their cellphones on a wall socket on the airport, on the bathroom of a subway station…


When we go to a concert, a festival, a sporting or social event, even a wedding, we will surely run out of battery if we like to take pictures and share them in social networks. With the installation of a solar charging device we can solve this problem. Furthermore, the USBE has a big advertising space and since it is 100% customizable, it is also great for advertising agencies and event organizers.

Exhibition grounds and congresses

Today in the vast majority of congresses and events, we find ourselves occupied sending hashtags, images and comments on social networks. This activity makes the batteries of smartphones run out and even fail sometimes half thru the day. The USBE is very interesting for all places where such activities take place, since they can provide a free charging point for attendees without the cost of electricity.

There are many more cases in which a device like the USBE can be very useful, since finding a free charging station is a necessity and the USBE solar charger is a solution with multiple possibilities.

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