Usbe Smart Charger as part of the Street furniture

Usbe Smart Charger as part of the Street furniture

The solar charger Usbe Smart Charger, also known as street charger, created with the aim of bringing municipalities the opportunity to offer a new service to its citizens through an element or device that is part of street furniture.

The Usbe Smart Charger, adapt to any space because has 6 different models suitable for different need, and is 100% customizable. The umbrella of solar charger, which also features LED night lighting, is the perfect platform for Brand advertising and sponsorships between citizens and institutions.

Another important point is that the energy consumed by the device is 100% clean, since it is powered by solar energy accumulated during daylight hours, offering a service charge of up to 4 devices even at night.

This is a new concept as far as street furniture is concerned. It adapts to the environment in which it is installed, use renewable energy, offers services to citizens, improved quality of life and, moreover, is the object and purpose of any system being installed today in cities.

All these features and benefits of the solar charger Usbe Smart Charger make it a system and device designed to make participating cities and municipalities in the Smart City concept through its integration as part of the street furniture.

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