usbe Integrative model

Integrative model, an accessible design for all

The aim of the Smart City concept is to improve the quality of life for citizens through technology and respect for the environment, among others. And in this context, many projects have also focused on promoting a better life for people with mobility problems or disabilities.

Better city, better mobility, better living ... Projects and initiatives to improve in some way and facilitate their access to tools and activities that, until today, they could not access.

In our case, we also wanted to make our product accessible to everyone, therefore, we have designed a line of integrated teams that meet all standards for any device adapted.

This is the Integrative Model, which, unlike the other USBE solar charge models, has a double table in two heights, seating and space accessible to a wheelchair. In this way, anyone can have access to both the USB ports of entry, as the table to lean on and support the device while the battery charge is complete.

The charging device using solar energy, has a plaque in Braille for blind people also can learn the operation of the device, and a battery charging system for electric wheelchairs.

The Integrative Model is, therefore, a design that aims to provide a comprehensive and accessible service for all citizens, free battery charge mobile devices or tablet through renewable energy.

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