Gracias por este 2015 Usbe

USBE Smart Charger in 2015. Thank you

2015 has certainly been our year, and did not want nor could finish without thanking all those who have supported us and enabled it to be as positive this year.

Beginnings are never easy, but thanks to the confidence of those who have chosen our project, today is the day that we already have 7 solar chargers installed throughout the Spanish geography.

The first USBE was installed in Carrefour in Madrid. This is an indoor model which Carrefour has made available to its clients so they can charge their mobile phones or tablet for free on its premises.

The second went to the village of Ordizia Oiangu, a restaurant run by former students of the Basque Culinary Center, which is also encouraged to provide this new service, a solar charger for your customers.

The City of Moraleja also has a USBE solar charger has made available to help improve their quality of life through a battery charging system with clean, renewable energy citizens.

No doubt the big bet of the year made Valladolid, or more specifically, the company Aguas de Valladolid, who financed the installation of 4 USBE solar chargers in different parts of the city, within the framework of its Valladolid Smart City which already We discussed in an earlier post.

Madrid Rio was another facility that many media echoed. Within the design and development of this area, citizens are offered a point of free recharged via solar energy. And in Madrid also the headquarters of the company Urbaser, world leader in infrastructure, industrial services, energy and environmental, contacted us to offer their employees a charging point for their mobile devices.

Ibiza is a nice and different project, because the solar charger comes up more summery. Unlike other models of rises, the Ibiza model has a natural heather umbrella designed to suit the environment of beaches and outdoor terraces.

There are a few USBE in the oven that we will unravel in the coming weeks, so, you see, we only have reasons to be grateful, especially to all those who have chosen us. Little by little, step by step we are growing, and we hope that 2016 is also a year to remember and give thanks.

Happy New Year.

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