Usbe y las Smart City. Que son?

Smart City What is it?

The term Smart City is hard to define by how much it cover and it constant evolution. It is a dynamic idea that is still under construction. However, we will try to present what the goal of this new concept.

The Smart Cities proposes an approach that revolves around four axes, as we say, evolving with the conception of this new concept of smart cities..

First, and as a fundamental pillar of sustainability, environment and energy saving, absolute priority in the implementation of any urban strategy today. The Smart Cities intended to be a model of energy efficiency, rreducing CO2 emissions and promoting the use of renewable energy.

The digitization and new technologies are another important factor in the design of intelligent cities. "The internet of things" is the future, and that future is a world where all people, buildings, appliances, things and objects are interconnected. But while it comes, we start to implement in existing Smart City projects as an urban development based on sustainability and integration of new technologies in areas such as communication, architecture, lighting, mobility and transport in cities. All this through solutions that respect the environment, as well as better and more prudent management and use of resources.

Similarly, the digitization is implemented in governments and public administrations in order to optimize resources and provide better service to citizens through the Internet and new technologies, fostering communication, public participation and transparency in that management and institutional issues are concerned.

All these fronts fall directly on a fourth that is improving the livabilitythrough services. Smart cities pose a more participatory model citizen through urban development and proper management of urban economies. In short, initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of citizen.

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