usbe como futuro de las energias renovables

The future belongs to renewable energy

We are destroying the planet, is not new to anyone. These days, on the occasion of the meeting of major economic powers in the Climate Change Summit in Paris, many people and institutions that have spoken out to protest and bring attention to an increasingly critical problem of vital importance for our future, the Climate Change.

For 15 days, heads of state of over 150 countries, try to reach agreements that seek to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and curb climate change. While the damage is already done in many ways, the commitment of these countries is the turning point towards a more sustainable world where clean enery is the focus to be directed much of efforts.

Within the framework of the Summit on Climate Change, it has established an action plan to follow up or second phase of the Kyoto Protocol already known. This plan will allocate much of the budget or its investment in renewable energies, which hopefully will not generate a bubble like Spain already suffered a few years ago because of the subsidies offered in this area sector.

According to reports by Greenpeace, solar photovoltaics could supply electricity to two-thirds of the world population by 2030. Solar Power , or solar panels, in particular, is the thirt renewable energy source most used in the world, after hydroelectric and wind power. It is the cleanest energy as photovoltaic panels capture rays of sunlight, inexhaustible natural source, to transform them into electrical energy without using natural resources or perform other processes that pollute the environment.

From Usbe Smart Charger we make our contribution committed to the enviroment, the use of renewable energy, through th euse of photovoltaic panels for generating electricity for recharging mobile devices. It is our small contribution to this effort to achieve a more efficient, less polluted world.

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