Usbe en Municipalia 2015

Usbe Smart Charger in Municipalia

Last week we went to Lleida to present our Usbe Smart Charger in the eighteenth edition of the Municipaliafair organized by Fira de Lleida.

Municipalia is a reference in the field of urban services and facilities as well as environmental and municipal waste treatment.

From October 13th to the 16th, Municipalia brought together the leading companies that provide solutions in urban environments, giving municipalities new approaches and tools to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

Besides the official program, at this fair we can find an exhibition area where participating companies can show different proposals with the goal of improving services and facilities for the municipalities.

This exhibition area is where we presented our proposal, the USBE Smart Charger. The USBE is a solar charger for mobile devices that is easily integrated in the urban landscape. The main objective of USBE solar charger is to provide for a free charging station while reducing power consumption through the use of renewable solar energy, thus adding a real value to public spaces, as well as meeting a citizen´s demand.

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