Usbe en la feria FSB de Colonia

USBE Smart Charger in FSB Cologne

Last October we went on a trip to Germany to participate in the FSB fair which takes place every two years in the city of Cologne.

The FSB is an international exhibition specialized in outdoor activities, sports accessories and swimming pools. Companies around the world present their new products and ideas related to parks, open spaces, sports and swimming pools of all kinds. There is also a space in the exhibition fair for accessories and materials for sport facilities, both outdoors and indoors.

At FSB we can predict future trends, ideas and innovative products that will fill parks and spaces in the coming years, so we decided to go with our USBE Smart Charger. For 4 days we made presentations to both visitors and participants of our USBE, a completely adaptable outdoor solar charger that can be easily integrated as part of the urban landscape and that was created to satisfy a real demand of citizens, free charge stations for cell phones in public spaces.

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