Usbe con el plan Smart City de Donostia

Smart City Plan Donostia

Last September Fomento San Sebastián presented, in partnership with the Department of Environment of the City, their Smart City plan at an event held in the Miramar Palace.

This event is part of the European project STEEP (Systems Thinking for Comprehensive City Efficiente Energy Planning) framework, an European initiative witch objective are to bring actions for creating environments and intelligent cities in the 3 participating cities, San Sebastian, Florence and Bristol.

Each of the three cities will focus in one of the areas, where donostia/San Sebastián is responsible for providing knowledge in the efficiency of energy usage, Bristol in ICT development and Florence in the mobility area. From the different proposals and projects considered in each territory, an action plan will be created towards the application of Smart City concepts in an integrated manner.

San Sebastian will focus its project in the districts of Martutene, Txomin, Ametzagaña and the industrial Poligono 27, focusing on improvements in energy rehabilitation and mobility issues. A Platform for the administration of Council services will also be developed, taking into account citizen participation.

The City of San Sebastian is leading this project with the help of Fomento San Sebastián, Tecnalia, Endesa or DBus among others, and thus becoming a great opportunity for local businesses, since they can carry out innovative projects in the field of energy , ICT and mobility.

More information on the project web or Fomento San Sebastián

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