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What is the Usbe solar Charger

In these times where the Smart City, connectivity, citizen participation, digitization, renewable energies and respect for the environment concept are so booming, new products and projects are born to meet consumer needs.

In this case, our project is called USBE, a solar charger for mobile devices easily integrated as part of the street furniture of streets, squares, parks and terraces. We live in a hyper-connected world in which our smartphones, tablets and devices are the center of many of our actions. This has generated a collective need among citizens as is the fact of having to charge mobile away because the battery life is increasingly limited.

The USBE solar charger comes to meet that need, to provide citizens with the opportunity to charge your mobile in a public space through a USB port.

But ... What exactly is the USBE solar charger?

Photovoltaic panel

The disc is composed of photovoltaic panels that capture and store solar energy during daylight hours offering a yield of more than 20 continuous hours. This polycarbonate disc serves as a shield against the elements. For the evening hours it can also be incorporated, optionally, a small LED lighting.


The battery power or battery is located under the umbrella inside a closet anti-vandalic, so that the device is designed to address both the weather and to other phenomena.


Together with the panel or upper disc, the solar charger USBE also incorporates circular rings protect the modules USB connection and load devices on weather conditions.


The USBE solar charger has 3 circular seating at the base of the column, and a table where to place the device while charging. USBE also has a line of integrated equipment in order that people with disabilities can also conveniently access this service.


The charge of the mobile and tablet devices is done via a standard USB port for electrical charge, which connect the power and make use of solar energy stored in the computer.

The solar charger USBE is an alternative battery charging of mobile phones that also benefits the reduction of public consumption of electrical energy, using clean, renewable energy..

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