Usbe Solar Charger. Presentación


How many times we ran out of battery in the phone and do not know where to recharge?

97% of the population has a smartphone. One of its biggest drawbacks is the limited battery life, causing many uncomfortable situations confinement.

USBE Solar Charger, mobile device charger powered by solar energy, is the solution to this problem.

USBE Solar Charger is a battery charger for mobile devices activated by solar energy, which can be installed in any public space. With USBE, anyone can recharge easy, convenient and simple way your smartphone or tablet into a public space.

The main objective is to reduce public energy consumption through the use of clean renewable energy such as solar energy, and, of course, to give value to public spaces and meeting a real demand of citizens.

USBE Charger solar charger has a height of 2.70 meters and a very modern and fully customizable design, thus adapting to each space. There is also a table where mobile and even leave three seats to wait comfortably seated while recharging the battery of the mobile or tablet occurs. Load conditions by USBE are similar in performance to those offered any charger connected to the mains.

The great advantage of this equipment is that it can be located anywhere on public streets and in such unusual places to recharge your mobile phone such as a park, sports centers, schools, universities or terraces of bars and restaurants, and even feature a model for installation on the beach replaces any of the usual umbrellas heather.

With USBE, anyone can recharge easily, comfortably and easily your smartphone or tablet into a public space manner.

From its patented design Dehart proposes to involve municipalities in the concept of Smart City, thanks to a simple, practical and unique item.

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