Usbe te ayuda a no quedarte sin batería

Have you run out of battery on your mobile? Usbe solar charger is the solution

Those wonderful years when we could live 3 or 4 days without charging the mobile are gone, those years in which, even though we spent hours playing Snake, the battery was not consumed every minute. Those years when we lived not slaves of the charger and plug.

Mobile batteries are the most pending subject of the smartphones manufacturers. Each model and each application requires a higher consumption and what was before a phone to make and receive calls and to send a message, is now a tool that we use throughout the day.

While many manufacturers strive to improve the batteries of mobile, we must also bear in mind that in some ways is throwing stones on their own roof, since, how much longer have the battery of our phones, more time will pass until we replace with a new one.

In recent years we have sold solutions to the problem of battery life they have never come to fruition: batteries graphene, fueled by alcohol, charge through the user's movement batteries, instant refills, materials such as silicon, lithium, gas carbon, aluminum ... All these offered more lasting batteries and a much faster loading.

However, while these innovations are realized, if they ever do, from USBE Solar Charger, we offer a real alternative and running. Free charging points for mobile devices battery through solar energy. Freeware solar chargers installed at different points of the Spanish geography. Through a clean and sustainable energy, USBE Solar Charger is a battery charge point designed with the aim of offering a service to citizens and improve their quality of life.

Some media echoed relatively little news announcing that the batteries of the next iPhone will be charged by sunlight. So far no one confirm or deny this news, so in the meantime, from USBE Solar Charger offer the possibility to charge your mobile devices in the street for those days when the battery does not withstand everything we wanted.

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