Usbe En la Smart City Expo de Barcelona

Usbe Smart Charger in the Smart City Expo of Barcelona

The last week we´ve been on the Smart City Expo World Congress, the most important Smart City fair till the date.

More than 400 experts from all the world gathered in Barcelona to pool the visions, proyects and iniciatives focused to the cities of the future, ie, smart cities.

The Expo, that in his 5º edition have place on the Fira of Barcelona, broke all attendance records and attracted leading experts and city leaders in the field of Smart City, innovation, technology, sustainability and citizen participation.

Furthermore, within the framework of the Smart City Expo fair, also it celebrated the end of the Smart City Hack App, a competition for startups created to provide solutions for intelligent cities, sustainability and collaborative economy.

In Usbe Smart Charger didn´t want to lose detail and we headed to Barcelona with backpacks full of brochures and business cards to introduce our solar charger for the first time in an exhibition on Smart Cities.

The experience has been very positive and of course, very enriching. There are thousands of minds and projects that swarmed there during the fair, with great proposals and ideas that will make our environment more sustainable, technologically more advanced, more intelligent and above all, more participatory cities.

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