The URBACT III call is open until 22 June

Until next June 22, European cities can access aid to cooperation projects for sustainable development. They may submit their projects for 2014-2020 in the framework of the URBACT III convocation, which has a budget of 96 million euros of ERDF funds.

The program's objective is to promote cooperation between cities by creating transnational networks focusing on sustainable urban development. The program aims to implement a working method through which cities can exchange ideas and learn best practices.

Taking into account the characteristics and needs of cities, each can apply for one of three types of networks that have been established in the call: support networks planning action plans, networks for plan implementation action that already have developed or good transfer networks.

This program will enable European cities participating to collaborate closely with other cities in the development of any of the specific objectives of the call. These objectives can be highlighted promote technological development and innovation, promote the shift to a low carbon economy, promote adaptation to climate change and prevention and risk management or conserve and protect the environment and resource efficiency.

Those cities that want to participate must register on the web (

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