Sustainable Advertising

The importance of sustainable advertising

Advertising on an USBE Charger can benefit brand image and position as a sustainable Brand.

More and more people who are socially aware about the importance of protecting the environment and positively value to brands that perform actions in favor of it, however small. Therefore, show the ecological and responsible side can be an added value for companies.

In this new paradigm, it is important that companies understand that the work done on ecological or sustainable matter can not be left alone in internal manifestos or words or slogans of an advertising campaign, it is essential to reflect in a tangible way that the ecological culture and social responsibility of the company can easliy in the product, packaging and even in advertising media used.

Although as noted people increasingly are more aware, are still very few companies that have noticed it or, at least, are taking advantage of that opportunity, without being aware that, in addition, the fact of not respecting the environment can seriously affect the brand image.

Sustainable advertising médium

It is true that sometimes the process of change, for example, packaging to greener materials takes a long and sometimes expensive process that can slow the initiative of the companies. What sometimes we forget is that consumers usually do not look for great deeds but even appreciate the little things.

Therefore, one of the most important and simple actions that a company or brand can do to show their environmental responsibility is to use an ecological advertising medium as USBE Charger. It is a medium that uses only renewable energies, so the brand is positioned in the minds of users as a sustainable company and ecological. Also, being a mobile charger that is part of the street furniture, people will use it regularly, thus achieving a higher number of impacts without perceive that this is an invasive advertising.

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