The Success of the solar charger in Donostia

The Success of the solar charger in Donostia

In early August the USBE charger was installed in Donostia / San Sebastián. During the first weeks, the USBE has not only succeeded among citizens and tourists, who have taken advantage to charge your smartphone, Iphone, tablet or Ipad totally free as they walked through the center of the capital, but has also had a great impact on the media.

There are many channels both written press and audiovisual that have echoed the news and published reports around the USBE Solar Charger highlighting its usefulness and benefit to all users as it can load any mobile device into a space public completely free and sustainable.

In this way, the main local media as EITB, Cadena Ser, Noticias de Gipuzkoa , El Diario Vasco o Gipuzkoa Digital have released both its digital version and the online version of the news highlighting the full autonomy of USBE Solar Charger, as you need not be connected to the mains.

On the other hand, both specialized media and national media have carried reports giving international visibility to both the solar charger and the city itself, which has been reaffirmed as a Smart City . So we could read articles in El Huffing Post o Euskadi tecnología or even watch an audiovisual report on the television channel Telemadrid (min 36).

Thanks to the system and technology which is expected this solar charger allows, though summer is over and the daylight hours are reduced USBE keep it running 24 hours a day completely autonomously.

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