Proyect Smart Kalea Usbe


The Smart Kalea project of Donostia, is a project that promotes the sustainability and energy saving among the merchandisers, restaurateurs and residents of Downtown of San Sebastian.

The Smart Kalea initiative, promoted by the city hall, Fomento San Sebastián, shops and neighbors of the zone, as well as by some employees of the energy sector as Phillips, UHIN Energy Dinycon, Enea, Araconta, Mirakonta, Sice or Ikusi. The last one, Ikusi, carried out the work of coordination and future projects that can be implemented and that turn San Sebastián into a Smart City.

The Main Street of Donostia is the First Street of one historical district that features an intelligent lighting system which allows to control consumption and light intensity depending on traffic and people on the street there at all times. In the same way, shops and neighbors of the area have also built control systems electric and water consumption.

Since the installation of this electricity and water meters in 2014, the shops have achieve up to 50% of savings in electricity consumption. The neighbored of the zone have significantly reduced their bills through the installation of LED lighting systems, a power adjustment hired and receiving some training on energy saving.

The intelligent lighting, added in the Main Street of Donostia, has also led to a reduction of 88% in lighting. And, through the optimization and upgrading of obsolete facilities, the city council has achieved electricity consumption encouraging energy saving and promoting sustainability and respect for the environment among the locals.

We have been fortunate to be able to put our bit also in this project Smart Kalea and soon, we will install an USBE solar Charger in the vicinity of the main street of San Sebastian, offering a free service burden on citizens and implementing a new system that works through 100% clean energy and drives up to the city of San Sebastián another step in its development into a smart city.

We will keep you informed!

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