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How to design a city accessible to all

Cities are becoming more and more populated, and their design, services and urban elements directly impact on the way their citizens relate. It also has an impact on the economic and social development of the city. That is, the city in which we live, directly influences our quality of life and our social relations.

In this context, many cities have already included technology to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their services, turning them into smart cities. But many of them, have forgotten the most important, adapt the design, services and furniture to make them accessible cities. This is fundamental because a city that is not inclusive will prevent people with functional disabilities from being independent and will prevent their social inclusion.

But how can we transform a city into an inclusive city? There are some fundamental aspects that impact the lives of these people:

  1. Physical aspects: web must have wide sidewalks with ramps, subway stations with elevator, traffic lights with voice or furniture and posters with information in Braille. It is important that all the furniture of the city is adapted to people with any disability. An example of this is the Usbe, 100% accessible that allows to charge your mobile to all the people and also, it has information in braille.

  2. Economic aspects: all buildings and workplaces must be adapted so that people with disabilities can work and can also consume.

  3. Social aspects: we must design the city so that all citizens without exception can share the same places, interact and interact. It is a matter of designing accessible spaces, parks, for example, must have swings adapted, banks must be accessible, and all services offered should be suitable for all people regardless of their physical or mental abilities. In addition, museums, should also be adapted with trained guides, just like the schools.

From the highest levels in both the EU and the United States, they are increasingly aware of this issue and are pushing for initiatives to make cities accessible to all.

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