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Usbe solar charger: Accessible for all citizens

Accessibility is one of the unfinished business of any city, but it is vital to consider it as a Smart City, is always one that uses technological advances to improve the lives of citizens, and above all, to make life easier for those who have mobility reduced.

Make cities in Smart Cities supposed that the city is concerned also meets the characteristics of intelligent cities. For this, the street furniture is vital, it must be sustainable, accessible and intelligent.

USBE Charger, with the collaboration of ONCE Foundation has designed a solar charger fully adapted to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities. Thus, all citizens regardless of their physical characteristics may use it without impediments or problems.

In this new solar charger sidewalks have been removed and has been lowered position of the table so that people with wheelchair can access them easily and load their mobile devices. Also, it has included braillers. In this way, the Charger Solar USBE has all the characteristics to be an essential for Smart Cities element as it is a charger that is powered only by solar energy, allowing us to charge the battery of any mobile device so ecological and clean, it has the qualities to be used by all citizens and also can have a special device that just bringing the mobile will report on anything that might be of interest to citizens and tourists.

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