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Smart City 2016 Events

More and more companies, institutions and municipalities direct their efforts towards the achievement and development of Smart Cities. This development is based on achieving more sustainable cities, more connected and, above all, better quality of life for its citizens.

Within this framework where energy saving, climate change and energy efficiency converge with ICT, the internet of things, eGovernment and mobility in cities, born Smart Cities. And there are many events and conferences that revolve around all these factors will make our cities more environment friendly to the environment, while more helpful to its citizens.

So today I will mention some of the most important, inside and outside our borders, to be held this year on sostenilibidad, ICT, innovation acquaintances and, of course, Smart Cities.

  • Smart City Expo Puebla

  • 16-18 February, Puebla (México)

    The younger brother of Smart City Expo World Congress which is held every year in Barcelona. We call little brother, not because it is less important, but because this time, and particularly in these days, is celebrating its first edition.

  • Mobile World Congress

  • 22-25 February, Barcelona

    The Mobile World Congress is an annual gathering of the mobile industry and related industries, organized by the GSMA, and celebrated for more than 10 years ago in Barcelona. This event brings together each year nearly 100,000 attendees and dictates the trends of the mobile industry in every issue.

  • National Congress of innovation and public services

  • 2-3 March, Madrid

    This conference is essential appointment for institutions and public officials who want to keep abreast of developments and projects being carried out in administration and know the technologies, innovations, regulations and new solutions for transformation to eGovernment.

  • Urban Future Global Conference

  • 2-3 March, Graz (Austria)

    One of the most important European conference on sustainable cities. During two days, experts from around the world share and comment on the executed projects and best practices that have been carried out successfully in the cities, in order to make them more sustainable and efficient environments.

  • II Smart Cities Meeting

  • 13-14 April, Madrid

    Second edition of the Congress Intelligent Cities where knowledge and experiences on Smart Cities in Spain is exchanged. Successful projects and initiatives in the development of Smart Cities through technology and innovation, both domestically and internationally are taught.

  • Smart City Essential in Valencia

  • 22-24 April, Valencia

    Essential Smart City aims to be a meeting point where companies and governments can share a vision on cities, providing solutions to turn them into environments with higher quality of life for citizens. An appointment which provide and absorb new ideas put forward by experts in Smart City.

  • European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns

  • 27-29 April, Bilbao

    In its eighth edition, held this time in Bilbao, the European Conference of Sustainable Cities and Towns will highlight the urgent need for progress in sustainability, as well as mark the developing and implementing actions aimed at the transformation towards environments more sustainable, both locally and in Europe.

  • Zoom Smart Cities

  • 18-19 May, Lisboa

    Lisbon hosts the first edition of the congress Zoom Smart Cities, which poses a open to all agents or sectors related to cities, urbanization, citizenship, innovation and the development of more sustainable and participatory urban program.

  • Sustainable Energy Week

  • 13-17 June, Bruselas

    This is the most important in Europe in energy policy organized by the European Commission event. Throughout this week, thousands of participants discuss, share and raise energy efficiency solutions for a more sustainable future.

  • IoT Solutions World Congress

  • 25-27 October, Barcelona

    World Congress on Internet of Things (IoT) which aims to make the steps toward defining their impact on industry and research applications of the Internet of Things in our future.

  • Smart City Expo World Congress

  • 15-17 November, Barcelona

    Biggest event on Smart Cities, where experts from around the world form the basis of the Smart City concept. Here, companies and institutions seek and offer solutions, share knowledge and thank the thousands of participants present their projects in the exhibition are inspired. More than 10 000 participants, 380 experts, 275 stands ... The event Smart City par excellence.

On issues such as smart cities, energy efficiency, sustainability, new technologies, the internet of things, etc., certainly let us important appointments not to mention, but we hope that at least this small selection you find it useful.

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